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Chapter 2 – Page 5

Chapter 2 – Page 5 published on 7 Comments on Chapter 2 – Page 5


Thank you to all that left me comments on the last page! Please forgive that I didn’t reply. There was a bit of confusion about how everything worked at first, but I figured things out. I’ll try to get better about such things in the future.

I didn’t do a good job of letting readers know of my update schedule. Sorry about that! For now it’s every other Monday. I am hoping to change that to (almost) every week when I can get a new tablet that I can attach to a monitor arm to manage some of my pain.

I was requested to put up my little tip jar to help with that. At the moment PayPal donations are going to my “Fix Jayelle’s Work Space Fund”. Mostly to get a specific tablet that will cut down on a lot of my physical pain.

(Ok, I tried to add the Paypal form to this blog, but it’s not working. I’ll look into that! The link does work at the bottom of, though. Or you can send donations to

I also have a Patreon again! I’m not giving out physical rewards or commissions, it’s just early access to updates, comic and illustration works in progress, and other stuff. The only tier is $1 (or more if you want). XD